Nick Kent

As the current President of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Australia, Nick Kent oversees a rapidly growing national team of students and young people who advocate for drug policy reform, part of the international SSDP movement. Nick joined SSDP Australia’s founding team in 2016, establishing the organisation’s second chapter at the University of Melbourne. Nick has represented Australian students at several international reform conferences since, learning much about global drug policy contexts in the process.

Recently qualifying as a secondary school teacher, Nick is an early career education researcher with a specific interest in approaches to drug education among young people.

Nick last year completed a Master’s thesis analysing drug education policy models in Australia and overseas, while research interests also include drug discourses throughout history and the social implications of drug legalisation. In addition to his work with SSDP, Nick now consults with a range of organisations, think tanks and government departments on drug education reform, and looks forward to a future in which young people are empowered with adequate information not only about drug use, but about the complex effects that current policies and discourses have on communities.